“I met Nana while working on a assignment for the Joop Swart masterclass, documenting lives of those living near the occupied borderlines of Georgia. While driving in the disputed Georgia-Abkhazia border village of Khurcha, Nana was standing outside her home with her siblings, I stopped the car the instant I saw her. She and her 7 siblings, along with her mother gave me a warm welcome, and while talking to Nana, she said she loves folk dance and wants to show me the dance she usually performs in school. She ran inside her home, changed, did her make-up and came out to dance. The weather was both cloudy and sunny, and the light made her dress more greener. I see Nana as an adult in this photo, even though she is only nine, she is also a grown-up, living in poverty, having a role as a second mother to her 7 siblings.”
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