“I was lucky enough to travel with my children to Italy two years ago … my children have spent all their life in a rural setting , so cities are an environment very interesting to them … especially the beautiful and very old cities of Florence where this picture was taken … I had to keep reminding them that the windows they saw on the street belonged to houses that people lived in (which is unusual for my children who are used to houses with lots of land around them … not on the very edge of a footpath) ..and my 11 yr old can’t help but swing or climb on anything that he can …. So he would often climb on the bars on window sills…and my eldest was agitated that he was not respecting peoples property … meanwhile my youngest … she would watch the 11 yr old and wish that she was big enough to reach and climb them too …. I wanted to try to capture the interesting way each of the kids approached this environment we were in.”
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