"Last year I was in Oaxaca, Mexico for Dia de Los Muertos. It is a days long celebration steeped in tradition, pageantry, and family gatherings, with costumers and brass bands parading through the streets, and city dwellers and villagers alike preparing elaborate altars to their departed loved ones. I was fascinated by the children and their highly detailed makeup and costumes. Some, however, don't have the means for more than face paint and a plastic pumpkin and wait patiently all day for a donation from passersby along the busy streets surrounding the zocalo. These two young girls caught my eye with their earnest glances and decorative hats. I found it an interesting juxtaposition of youth and innocence, tinged with a hint of uncertainty and tension, against the backdrop of the social statement made by the wall mural which references the 43 students of Ayotzinapa Rural Teachers' College that went missing in a mass kidnapping and disappearance in Iguala, Guerrero, Mexico in September 2014.”
 Dark Maiden…This image was made in downtown San Francisco in June 2019 during a day long street photography workshop. I staked out a busy corner to people watch and positioned myself to isolate the passersby in a shaft of light and frame them against the background. I saw this figure approach from my right and immediately the thought popped into my mind that she had covered her head to avoid my camera. I made several frames as she passed in front of my lens and was very pleased to have captured her at precisely this moment. Her body language and detached mannerism lends a surreal atmosphere to the image and makes us wonder, as our workshop leader - renowned photographer, Matt Stuart - surmised, if the woman is okay or troubled, or what exactly is happening in her life? If she did cloak herself with her jacket to block me, and I truly believe she did, then it was a favor. It makes the image what it is.
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