Woman on 6th Avenue
 Smoke Break Kolkata…..I had the opportunity to photograph in Kolkata over the course of a few days on a trip exploring Eastern India. One of the most colorful, chaotic and intoxicating places to photograph in Kolkata is the Mullik Ghat Flower Market. The action begins in the early morning in this wholesale market where flowers are brought in, sold and carried away. Both men and women participate in these activities, which continue into the late evening hours. In the back of the market a covered dark passageway exists where the sunlight peaks through many openings highlighting the people passing through the corridor. Most of the workers transporting their goods to and from the market through this passageway are on foot, some on bicycle and others with hand trucks. I’m intrigued by how individuals carry themselves as they perform their everyday routines. This candid image was captured during this time I spent at the market observing the daily pace of life in this vibrant and crowded Indian city.
Double Your Pleasure
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