“My digital camera, protected by a special housing that lets me shoot underwater, is my tool for exploring the human experience of the water. In my “Aquatic Street” series, shot at public beaches throughout the world, I am drawn to unguarded moments with my subjects as I capture beach culture from the vantage point of a swimmer. "The Queue" was captured in Maui, Hawaii in 2016. I swam out to Black Rock with the intention of photographing jumpers as they descended into the water. During a lull, I found myself in a unique position to capture the perfect line of bodies moving from one corner of the frame to the other. Young underwater swimmers on the left make their orderly way below the surface, emerging on the right to scramble up a rugged shoreline. My goal while shooting is to recognize what is in front of me, even if it’s not what I set out to capture. Photographing from the water presents a myriad of technical and physical challenges, but the hard work is worth it during moments such as this.”
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