“One could find this man everyday at the famous riverside of the Ganges of Kolkata beside Howrah Bridge. This very ordinary man comes with a mission. He brings food for pigeon and serves bucket of water to birds everyday. Because of pollution and less number of trees Kolkata is loosing birds specially pigeons and sparrows in an alarming rate . I am happy to capture this moment where this pigeon saver looks like he had disguised himself in a pigeon dress as if he is one of them. I waited patiently to get this perfect frame as every fraction of second is important in street photography.”
 I have taken this photograph in Rajasthan India. Elephant safari is one of the very popular activities in Rajasthan as this place is well known for it's palaces and forts. This is Amber fort in Jaipur,Rajasthan.All Mahout were resting with their trained elephants when I visited this place. I saw layers with expressions and all those eyes including the eye of that elephant attracted me so much. I went close and clicked at the moment when the other guy started smoking .I tried to fill the frame with strong elements and expressions. Elephant is symbol of power and here in this picture all men with strong eye connections are also denoting power. All eyes are also forming a diagonal line which creates more power in the frame. So I want my viewers to feel the power.
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