The Sleeping Beauty….“The Sleeping Beauty” belongs to the series “From external to inner beauty” what was inspired by my personal observations, and ongoing debates about the self-perception by contemporary women in the 21st century, existing social pressure, and attempts to place a “value” on women based on their external looks rather than internal beauty. I believe that this series reflects my views on reality through a prism of working as a street photographer, as well as a psychotherapist. The photograph was taken late in the evening on the train towards Odense, Denmark in June 2019. Are we brave enough to show ourselves, with all our fears, weaknesses, dark secrets and sides? Maybe. Sometimes we dream about an ideal partner who would love us, accept us just the way we are, so we can finally show ourselves. This state of mind is captured by a photograph “The Sleeping Beauty”. “The Sleeping Beauty” was supposed to be awakened to a life by the love of a beautiful Prince. It is an old fairy-tale but there are still so many women in this world who believe that their value is being defined by both the external beauty and love of a romantic partner. Many women still believe that a happy life should include a romantic relationship. Believing so, they are condemned to compete, and crave for external love what unfortunately never can be a stable source of happiness. Every human has a unique spirit and is a limitless universe. Every woman should discover her incredible value by connecting internal world with spiritual forces. By doing so, she will discover her true inner beauty that is independent of her looks, and her inner love that is healing, empowering, and awakening.
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