“Commissioned by playwright Gerald Lepkowski to produce images for his Melbourne International Arts Festival production  Dark - The Adventures of Diane Arbus ,  I contacted the Australian Multiple Births Association asking if they knew of parents who would be interested in having their twin children be photographed to be featured on huge screens as part of the plays theatrical set.  I was clear from the outset of the type of Arbus-like imagery I wanted to create. Subsequently I only had two families get back to me. Courtney and Kate, 6-year-old identical twin girls stopped me in my tracks. Like any kids their age, the twins mucked around between takes, joking and jostling with each other. It took a while before they could take direction, stand still and pose out on the street.  The bond was clear; Courtney would start a sentence and Kate would finish it. Or maybe Kate started, and Courtney finished. They were mirror images, perfectly symmetrical in their facial expressions, the way they held themselves.  I think this is part of why the image still provokes such a strong reaction from viewers, as I recently discovered when posting to my Instagram. The mystery and strength that comes from being an identical twin; the idea that you are simultaneously your own entity, as well as one half of a whole.”
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