Red shoes and floating shadow
 Dinosaur Roar….This image is part of my ‘Austinmer Pool’ series which is my signature work and a project I’ve been working on for several years and is ongoing. The Austinmer pool and beach typifies small-town Australian beach culture. Austinmer is located about 55 kilometres south of Sydney on the coast and is a gem of a place. The pool and surrounding beach are a focal point of the community where locals gather for their morning and evening swims, eat fish and chips, chat whilst walking their dogs, and where, on Thursday evenings, a local choir comes to sing.  On summer weekends the area comes alive when people from western and southern Sydney visit the pool, beach and park. Locals and visitors gather around the pool to experience the joy the place brings. It is a small place and people maintain a measure of personal space but they are also exposed in their near nakedness and everyone, largely stripped of the usual measures of ethnicity, class and culture, becomes equal. People simply frolic and enjoy the special place it is.   This image was taken on New Year’s Day 2019. New Year’s Day is always a special day at the pool. It is full, crowded and people have so much fun. I love to capture that fun, the energy, the colours, the laughter and the simple pleasure people experience here. I think this image captures that perfectly and the viewer can feel and experience the joy and delight of the place.
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