“This photo was taken during my time documenting the Roma lifestyle in Suto’ Orizari in Macedonia. The Roma community is widely discriminated against in this country, which limits the opportunities for many young children and adults. I took this photo to help bring to light the real narrative of Roma children who are often cast in a negative light. Children in this community may not have the luxuries that many of us do, however; they have the same talents and curiosities as any child worldwide. Most of the time when the subjects I am shooting are camera-aware, my presence is imparted in the story. This can sometimes cause a shift to the truth of the story, but in this case it helped to convey the truth of the scene. The little boy was such a talented drummer that adults and kids alike loved listening to him, all while the little girl could not help but be curious about my presence and my camera. After this photo was made, I took some time to enjoy the music of the little boy and to show the little girl what I was doing. It filled my heart with joy and sadness all at the same time. The arts are not included in the Roma children’s education as they are expected to become factory/construction workers or mothers."
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