“I have been traveling in all parts of India for many years and this photograph has been shot in march 2013, in the village of Badami in Karnataka. This village is very traditional and colorful just as so many in the region, and I used to stay and get soaked in the atmosphere of each of them for many days before I would move again. It allowed me to photograph this particular home several times during my stay in Badami, and each time was very different and with a different member of the family living there: the mother, the grandparents etc, laundry days, and even sometimes with the local animals passing by like cows, goats, dogs... The place is very lively and there's always something going on.    I chose to edit and publish this specific scene with the child in a swing at the doorstep because of its composition and the colors that were matching well, having a passion for complementary color themes and geometry in photography. I like my scenes to be quite simple and straightforward too. At the same time, I like pictures telling a story, even more when there's a spontaneous connection with my subjects: here, I clicked exactly at the first moment I got the attention of the child, when the genuine and candid expression is still preserved. Also, I liked the open door where you can almost enter the intimacy of this family's life, and little details inside in the dark. I want my images to celebrate daily life and human beings in the most poetic, genuine and spontaneous ways.”
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