“I had seen the balloons when I was still inside. They did not look red then as they were silhouetted against the sun. Along them came smartly dressed young women – something was definitely going on, but was it advertisement filming, wedding shoot, or? I was intrigued. The exquisiteness of the interior of the Zaha Haddid museum however kept me ensnared for quite a while more. It’s only much later, when trying to find another angle to observe the awkwardly beautiful organic outer shape of the building that the balloons appeared again. Far. But I knew there was a picture in this scene. So I ran.  Ideally I would have wanted a moment when the balloons covered the walking figure’s head. It did not happen.  Street photography is to shoot the moment as it happens, rather than search the streets for something to happen exactly the way you want it to happen.  The balloons were for a graduation party of the Baku technical University.”
 Downtown Cape Coast… Cape Coast has amazingly colorful lanes, but you might miss them if only following the main roads. The entrances are narrow and not obvious to find. This little lane is actually parallel to one of the main bustling shopping streets, but there everything is quiet, kids play outside, old folks sit on stools and chat. I liked the girl half hidden in this maze of colors. It was too good a scene not to take a picture!
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