“There is nothing better than being out with a camera on a crisp September afternoon in Manhattan. After months of sweltering heat and hazy light, fall brings relief to millions of wilted New Yorkers. The light lowers and sharpens, the temperatures turn cool and invigorating, and this particular woman donned a chic and graphic coat that I would have gladly stolen right off her back. The next best thing to my felonious impulse was to photograph her, but the challenge was to avoid making a cliched picture of an older lady—or a steam pipe—much less make a compelling picture of a person’s back. Luckily, this woman was deep in conversation with a friend and didn’t notice me as I took a dozen photographs of her. I love the contrast between the orange pipe and the clear blue sky, and how her lovely cloud of white hair is echoed by the wafting steam. Carrying a multitude of women on her back, she could be the metaphorical grandmother of us all.”
 17th Street, New York City, 2019….When I started out photographing strangers in the street, my shyness and fear often led me to photograph into windows, the sheets of glass a physical—but not a visual—barrier. As my confidence has grown, I’ve largely eschewed that rookie strategy. Nevertheless the low, clear light on this February afternoon in New York City made this scene irresistible, the reflection from outside erasing the boundary between the Union Square cityscape and the interior of the bookstore. The light fixtures look like three alien suns; the book titles tell a short story about the current literary landscape…and Tony Robbin’s “Awaken the Giant Within” is still (?!!) a popular bestseller.  The main subject looks a little like a giant himself. And what about the band-aid on his nose? It begs a story. Does he anxiously await the results of a skin biopsy? Is he hiding a fading bruise from a bar fight or a nose job? Or is he simply covering a scratch from his irascible cat? We will never know…but stand reminded that the devil, truly, is in the details.
45th Street, New York, 2018
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