“From my photo series "Women with headscarves". This square, black, transparent fabric will one day turn into headscarves for these girls. It is truly thin and practical, it isn’t slippery and can be easily attached to hair. The women from this region mostly start wearing them after marriage. This is a tradition, a symbol and an inseparable part of their lives. Since their childhood, they get used to labour, having respect for the elders and caring for each other. They share and preserve traditions.  In the mountainous Adjara, they say that everything slowly changes as times goes by. The people of the mountains are moving downwards and those who stay recount how fast the environment changes; what used to exist yesterday has already disappeared and even the things from today will be gone tomorrow. This is the reason why I wanted to photograph the black headscarf on the background of these women and girls, as today it is the symbol of their femininity, loyalty, simplicity and inner peace.”
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