“One morning of march 2018 arrived by bus in the small town of Sighnaghi (located in the wine region of Kakhetia) in Georgia by a thick fog, I couldn't see further than 100 meters.  Just as i arrived and left my bag, i decided to go and explore this city a bit.  The atmosphere was kind of ghostly, it was captivating and melancholic aswel but very photogenic i found.  I felt like there was something to catch but couldn't quite figure out what yet.  Like time has stopped.  I was feeling lonely.  I then took my camera out, walked through the few deserted streets to the main square when i saw this lady emerging from nowhere, coming out the mist, next to this old vintage car, and the dog in the foreground created the only animation in there.  I had to capture it one time, inspired by this suspended moment of movement.”
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