“I took this picture in Washington DC in 2018, during the Chinese New Year celebrations. It was a cold winter morning, but the sun was bright. I was walking around when I noticed a spot where the sun’s rays were uniquely aligned. I got excited and stuck around. It was crowded. But I waited patiently to capture the right arrangement of light, shadow and people. I took a few frames but this one stood out for me because of how the light and shadows accentuate the sense of separation and isolation in a crowded context with so much energy and movement.”
 Redolent….I was wandering the streets aimlessly. I discovered the red structure by chance. My hometown is not very densely populated so I waited for different scenes to emerge. The color, the shadows and the geometry were too good to pass on. I got a couple of decent shots but I didn't think I had it. When I was ready to leave, I turned around and I saw a woman wearing bright red pants, mimicking the red poles. I couldn't believe it. It caught me off guard but I acted quickly!
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