Sailing Away…..I took this photo a few months ago at The Frick Museum. I had watched this elderly man for a while and when he sat down to rest I couldn't resist photographing the juxtaposition of the painting and his frailness. To me, it represented a sort of dream; a person's desire to sail away somewhere, but their body rendering them physically incapable of it. So he just sits and waits while the world is sailing away behind him. I am drawn to photographing the elderly. I think that is due to the little attention they receive from people. I often see them ignored by those around them, even their own children and grandchildren. People often forget that behind their wrinkled, frail faces there is still a vivacious, lively person with stories, desires, and wisdom to share. Growing up I always had a very deep connection to my grandparents and often documented their stories using video and photography.
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