Kumbh Mela
 “Lexington Avenue, early morning, a wave of people chasing their individual dreams. They arrive at Grand Central station from all over NY, commuting from the outer boroughs or even other states.  They are full of energy but also of self- doubt… will this be the day of their professional breakthrough? Will their children get into the right school? Can they afford the health treatment they badly need? And most of all, did they make the right choice coming here?  Some are Americans, many are not. They have arrived from Brazil or Somalia, India or China, and many other places. They all have in common the hope that they will finally make it in NY. Is it just a dream soon to be disappointed?  They are thoughtful, even dreamy, some look already tired and even dejected. But they keep coming to try again and again. Will their persistence pay one day, for them or their children? They walk quickly, avoiding colliding with others, coffee in hand, newspaper in the other. Determined, in a hurry and yet hesitant. Some look scared to fail and be obliged to give up. But going away is not an option they even contemplate.  They have invested so much that a retreat would feel a big defeat. They have to succeed, their families depend on them making and extra effort, waking up earlier, focusing more on the goal. For as long as they hope, they will keep coming, early every morning to the big city of dreams.”
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